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Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Nokia Asha 301 RM-840 Update Flash FIle Download

nokia asha 301 rm-840 flash file

All the flash files of this model are of small size file, so it can be downloaded very easily within a few minutes. You can flash any Nokia mobile phone with UFS Micro (HWK) Box, ATF, JAF or Universal box. There are also many other flasher boxes available for flashing this Nokia Asha cell phone. You can also flash or update any Nokia handset with Nokia phoenix service software.

Click below to download the Nokia Asha 301 RM-840 flash file:

mcu  (29.8 Mb)

ppm  (7.5 Mb)

cnt  (23.7 Mb)
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iOS Custom Rom For all MtK6572 / Mt6572

ROM features :1. iOS8 Richness
2. iOS8 Launcher
3. iOS8 Status Bar
4. iOS8 Style Call Screem and Incall Screen
5. iOS8 Themed Framework
6. iOS8 LIKE Apps
7. iOS8 LockSound
8. iOS8 Style KEYBOARD
9. iOS8 Fonts
11. iOS8 Style Settings
12. iOS8 Wallpapers
13. iOS8 Sounds
14. iPhone Bootanimation
15. iOS8 Dialer
16. iOS8 Music Player
17. No network/Wifi issues
18. 3G SIM Switching
19. RAM Saving
20. Battery Savings
21. Advanced Reboot Menu
22. Xposed Insalled with App Settings
23. No Bloatwares
24. iOS8 Style Camera
Auto Insurance
25. iCloud Support

How to flash this ROM

1. Go to Recovery Mode CWM/CTR (Carliv Touch Recovery)
2. Wipe>Wipe Cache> Wipe Dalvic Cache
3. Mount System and data
4. Install Zip>Choose Zip from SD card>Flash

Monday, January 12, 2015

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HTC Explorer A310e Flash done 100% worked Tested solution Download

HTC Explorer A310e Flash done 100% worked Tested by me

Download Firmware from HERE

Procedure :
  • Your mobile battery Must Charged 50%
  • Put your mobile on " Fastmode " via (Vol Down + Power ) key
  • Connect via usb from the PC
  • And then simple Double click on firmware
  • You are done
:: Tutorials of Flash ::

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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lg e420 hard reset

lg e420 10000000000000% hard reset

download this file link
1 copy this file in windows system32
2 enter phone in recovery mode press volum+ power on
3 attach phone with pc
4 install driver
5 open cmd
6 write adb reboot recovery
all done
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How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop [Tutorials]

How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop [Tutorials]

Day!I wanna share here How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop.Do this Procedures if you Forget your Administrator Password in your Windows 8 Samsung Laptop.

By Doing this,All your Favorites and Important data will lose,it will reset to Factory Default settings.If you accept what will happen in your laptop,Follow this step by step How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop.
1.First Thing First,You must plug your laptop to power supply because using System restore program consume power.
2.Start You Samsung Laptop and Press F4 and F7 at the same time to go to Recovery (like shown in the image)
3.When in Recovery,Select Recover in the left side of window,then Select Recovery point and finally click recover on the right side of the window.(Refer to the image below)

 4.A window will come out Select YES
5.Then recovery will progress,this will take a lot of minutes so just wait until complete it's recovery
6.When Finish a window will come out and click OK,Then Laptop will reboot
7.Your Laptop now has reset to Factory default settings,Follow on screen to continue using your laptop.

Finish Product

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