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Thursday, August 28, 2014

SRS One-Click-Root Tool Version 4.7 download

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Welcome to the SRS One-Click-Root Tool

Latest news from SRSRoot

27-02-2013 :: Version 4.7 -> ADB and Root Updates
Whats new:
  - Updated to latest version of ADB to support android 4.2.2 security
  - Updated Root Exploits

  Now over 7000+ devices supported for ROOT by SRS

 This Software is build to make it easy to root an android device.
 It has several methods and solutions build in to make it possible to ROOT your device with just a single click.

 How does this works ?
  - Step 1: Enable 'USB debugging' on your device (you can find this in the settings menu)
  - Step 2: Enable 'Unknown Sources' on your device (Also under settings)
  - Step 3: Connect your device to the computer (If needed install the android drivers)
  - Step 4: Click on one of the ROOT options in this software, and wait till it's finished

 About this tool:
 This software is created by 123Unlock, who also created the SRS Multi Platform Unlock Service.
 The package is totally FREE of any charge, and may not be sold, or distributed with other software.

 Legal Stuff:
 [-] When you root your phone your warranty will most likely expire.
 [-] We are not resposible for any damage to your device. use it at your own risk

 [x] Server Status: All Systems Online. 

 Happy Rooting..


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