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Thursday, August 28, 2014

HTX Multi V1.0 Beta Tool Released Download

/ On : 12:32 AM
HTX Multi V1.0 Beta Tool Released.
Just a small gift for my friend to make your work easy.


HTC Bootloader Unlocking One Click.
Online CWM Installing.
HTC Relock Bootloader.
Partition Flashing (Recovery or Boot Etc).
CID Finder,Just enter your cid and it will let you region.
Reading info from rom.zip (Non Encrypt Rom Only).
Rebooting to recovery or fastboot vie adb.
Relocking Bootloader.
Reading Token For Manual Bootloader Unlocking.

Reading Info.
Wipe Data (Root Needed).
Multi APK Installer (You can install 10 20 100 in onces ).
Sideload,it will save your time while rooting htc or other phones,you can direct load supersu or other zip. 

PS:HTC Bootloader unlocking supported with yahoo mail only,i will try to add more soon.

Microsoft .net framework 4.0 Or higher required.

Downloads RBSoft


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