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Thursday, August 28, 2014

TC Herald -Hera100,P4350,Xda Terra,Wing Hard SPL and English Rom 100%

/ On : 12:38 AM
HTC Herald - Hera100,P4350,Xda Terra,Wing Hard SPL and English Rom 100% Tested and Exclusive Solution With Working File Link.

For 100% Success Read Carefully Instruction and of-course with self risk for Any Damage. ( Any Question Please PM )

Model Supported: 

HTC P4350
XDA Terra

Need Must IPL 4.xxx and higher!!! (that is IMPORTANT)

Download Require Files from Here....

and then follow this:

Step By Step....
(with ActiveSync File explorer inside the phone)
1. install canonyang.cab 
2. install aserpolicy.cab
3- install disablesecurity.cab

4. SOFTRESET by pressing reset Switch with stylus.

5. run RUU from Hard-SPLWM6 folder verison 4.70.yang

6. screen will become white - WAIT until it reboots itselfe.
7. done! + English Firmware also Done.
8. Enjoy and Thanks Button.

check if SPL now is 4.70.yang by Pressing Camera button and Reset switch.


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