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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

VolcanoBox Beta 2.7.5 SPD Android Read & Write New Exclusive

/ On : 7:15 AM
VolcanoBox 2.7.5 BETA !!

What's new ?

SPD Android READ New Method Beta
SPD Android WRITE New Method Beta

We have discover some thing very interested & we believe it's more powerful than any other box Read/Write ( keep in mind this is not Factory File *.PAC this is Normal Read & Write method ) So i want you guys please test this update..what you want to do is simple read and write from android tool. do not use normal spd tab for this method. you have to use Android Tool then select on SPD and do your work. i am really looking forward for your reports. for this method you don't need to supported test by read info and analize data simply click on read or write and do your work. make sure OLD readed files are not supported for this. you have to read again from working phones and test on faulty phones. This will Support Dozen of Unsupported phones but still may have some phones which could be not supported !!

Caution: as this is beta so try at your own risk !! 
Caution 2: this update will not work on any system which installed any SpyTool or Port Monitoring tool. So if you have installed any please remove it completely and restart system 
Caution 3: Read & Write Speed is slow for now as we gets reports from you we will increase it 


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