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Monday, August 25, 2014

BlackBerry Z10 / Z30 OS 10.x.x.x official firmware autoloader updated download

/ On : 6:59 AM

BlackBerry OS 10.x.x.x official autoloader for Z10 / z30

Installation Tutorial

* Switch off your BlackBerry 10 device
* Run the AutoLoader File
* Connect your BlackBerry 10 Device to your PC via USB
* Quickly Turn on your BlackBerry 10 device
* The AutoLoader will detect your device and starts the installation
* Please hold till the AutoLoader reaches to 100% and CLOSES automatically
* Disconnect your BlackBerry 10 device and wait till it starts again


BlackBerry OS official autoloader

Latest updated versions

Software version

Z10 OS latest updated

BlackBerry Z30 Latest 

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