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Sunday, August 31, 2014

[Tutorial]Whatsapp 2.8.7 for ios 6.1.3 wethout jailbreak

/ On : 8:44 AM
Here you can find that how to install whats app on 6.1.3
without jailbreak .....

1st download whats app 2.8.7 from here

WhatsApp-v2.8.7 - Download - 4shared

After download

  1. open iTunes & connect your iPhone to PC
  2. after open iTunes extract whats app from winrar
password is - india 
  • now add this into iTunes & click on files on iTunes
  • then click add file to library
  • after add it open ur mobile in iTunes and click on apps here u get your whats app

after it 

  • hit on install in and then sync in iTunes
  • after finish u get error in mobile whats app failed to install
  • now repeat it again click on install then sync but when your whats app install half in mobile remove your iPhone cable
  • now u get half install whats app in your mobile
  • now restart your mobile iPhone 4
  • now connect your mobile with WiFi or use data package in mobile
  • now open app store in mobile and search whats app after search hit on install
  • now its don't ask for iTunes id and pass .and whats app downloading starts
after finish enjoy your latest whats app free of cost ....
just remind don't delete old half installed whats app otherwise this trick don't work.

Enjoy Whatsapp :)


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