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Friday, September 12, 2014

How To Flash LG Optimus Vu F100L V29I Firmware Update Done

/ On : 7:30 AM
LG Optimus Vu F100L V29I Firmware Update Done

GIDE - How To Flash

Flashing Started 

Its Not Error  Wait Until Phone Restarted
How to Flash the LG Optimus Vu: 

Then download the firmware updating software KDZ_firmware_updater and extract it to a folder. Install msxml on your windows pc by double clicking it.
Charge the phone to the maximum.
Entry Download mode (Vol- & Power Until come on display Download) & Connect Phone To PC
Disable Usb Modem Driver From Modem Tab (On Device manager )
Open KDZ_FW_UPD.exe

In the software window, select Type as 3GQCT
Select PhoneMode as DIAG
In the ‘KDZ file’ space, browse for the firmware you want to install. (In this case F100L40b_00.kdz)
Click “Launch software update”
The firmware flashing process is now underway. If all goes well, in 5-10 minutes the phone will be flashed with the new firmware.
After booting up fully, detach the phone from the pC.


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