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Friday, September 5, 2014

Huawei Working root method for Huawei Ascent G312 U8681

/ On : 6:45 AM
How to root the phone: 

Run Poot. When it first runs it will say it has to install a program it gets from the market called Ministro. Just download and install it. Then re-run Poot.

It will then say it needs to download binaries, let it download and install them

When it finally gets to the main Poot screen, press the button at the top that says: Press here to poot.

It may give you an error in the log, it did to me but still worked. Now REBOOT your phone.

Once booted, install Superuser or SuperSU, whichever you want. 

You should now be rooted. Download Root Validator and test. 

This root method does not install Busybox, so you'll have to install it yourself. Just use Busybox Installer or something.

But there you go! Finally a working root method for this phone!

The program will probably give you some kind of error. Aparently this is normal, I got error 64, Jack got error 22. But it still worked. Just download Root Validator to test it.

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