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Sunday, September 14, 2014

iPhone Backup Extractor Pro v4.0.0 Crack Download

/ On : 6:00 AM

Recover lost iPhone calendar events, contacts, photos, videos, SMS messages, notes, location data and app data from iTunes backup files. 

 What can the iPhone Backup Extractor recover? 
Our iPhone Backup Extractor software can recover contacts, pictures, call histories, MMS, SMS and text messages, video, voice-mail, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games, debug information and data that might otherwise be inaccessible. 
The iPhone Backup Extractor automatically converts the extracted backup databases into CSV, VCard or ICAL formats, so they can be easily imported into Excel, Outlook, or Web-mail. It can convert consolidated location data into a KML file for use with Google Earth  


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