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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S7562 Root In Mmc Card File Download

/ On : 7:26 AM
Put Supersu apk in extsdcard of ur phone
2. Boot in download(odin) mode by pressing power+vol. down+home and leave power button when samsung logo appears after that press vol. up to enter dwnld mode.
3. Connect your phone to pc via usb and open odin.. it will show added when successfully connected.
4. flash recovery file by clicking on pda and selecting recovery.tar. md5 file.
5. Press start and wait ur phone will restart and wait until pass appears on odin.
6.Shut down phone again then press Vol. up+Home+Power button leave power button when logo appears.
7. Now As kernel is not yet patched the recovery will open but white screen will appears to u but it is actually cwm recovery up and running in background
8. Now as u cant see cwm u have to write these instruction on a page which I am about to tell or save them
Press vol. down button one time
Then power button
Now u have entered in install zip from sd card menu
Now again press power button now u have to choose zip from sd card u
press volume down 2 times and then press power button
Now u have selected supersu..zip
Now press 7 times vol. down and then power button
Cwm recovery will flash the zip
Wait for a minute or so and u will have installed supersu app.
9. The hard part is over now take battery out then put back in and start phone normally.
10.When phone is booting it will display android is upgrading message at boot it means phone is rooted and su binary is installed.




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