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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Check Which Touchscreen & other Drivers are Presnet In Unknown Rom [Tutorial]

/ On : 3:58 AM
Lots Of New User Getting Trouble to Findout Proper Firmware For Allwinner Tablet.. They download Firmware even with same bord id but diffrent Drivers and Flash it.It Occurs The problem like Touch not working,camera not working...etc etc..

Now Dont Worry Just Check All Drivers from firmware & Your Hardware Is Matching Or Not.Before Flashing/Upgrading Firmware.and Keep Tensions Away

:: Guide ::

1] Open Dragon Face Tool

2] Select Firmware.

3] Go To Advanced Setting.

4]Click INIT.Rc File

5] Check All Drivers Presnt In Firmware Is Matching With Your Bord Or Not.

Enjoy Safe Flashing/Upgrading 



Everything I Learned Here..Spreading Them Here....


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