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Sunday, October 5, 2014

How To Extract Android (SPD) PAC File with Volcano Gide

/ On : 3:34 AM
bro all thing u posted is right...(???) am not blemming..i just want to know what we can do by extracting files..? just for making reset files.....?

if the purpose of it to make only reset and write user data then the simple way is....

1]Volcono Box:

1]Factory Tool:

In this way no need to go in firmware folder or nothing need to find any where..ir no need to extract firmware..tool can do autometically all things

and the other thing..u can write fdls..but u can not write userdata of other phones to any other phone even its size matches..its only by luck out of 1000 sets one of any one maked..but it not possible

i just want to show easy methode..no need to go in hard..like extract..etc etc..



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