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Monday, October 27, 2014

Polaroid Board ID:ELINK-MC706 Firmware & Tools Download

/ On : 5:16 AM

Polaroid Board ID:ELINK-MC706 Firmware [Download Link]
Flash your Polaroid Board ID:ELINK-MC706 if you experiencing boot loop in program like hangs or freezes and especially hang in Android Logo,or worse case scenario your Polaroid Board ID:ELINK-MC706 is Soft bricked.

If you have a problem mention above you came to right place because I want to Share here the firmware of this Polaroid Board ID:ELINK-MC706.

Here's What To do:
1.Download This

and SP_Flash_Tool_v5135201

2.After Finish Downloading,Open Sp Flash Tool

3.Load Scatter File

4.Click Download

5.Hold Volume Down and Connect USB Cable (Must Be Turn-Off)

6.Wait Until Complete Flashing

7.Turn-it on(If you do it correctly,you can use your tablet back to normal.

That's It


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