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Monday, October 13, 2014

VolcanoBox Medule Ver 2.8.5 MTK6589 32Gb Emmc,4G Font limitation,All MTK Improved Update Download

/ On : 7:37 AM

What's new ?

MTK6589 increased 32G EMMC new flash support.
MTK has optimized the read and write flash program, the middle does not need to switch the drive.
MTK Android cancel reading 4G font limitation.
MTK Android ( Almost All cpu ) Read Flash & Write Flash Makes A Lot Improvements..

Qaiser Mehmood is Going To Madena Manawara ( K.S.A ) if you guys want to meet with him there. Kindly post your details and he will contact you.

Important note:
Only Volcano Module exe will not able to run. You have to Extract/Copy Volcano Module update files into Volcano YellowStone folder to able to Work fine !! 

V2.8.5 Download

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BlackBerry update

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