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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Volcanobox Module Ver 2.8.4 SPD Android Imei, Mtk 6592 Imei & Improments & Happy Eidul Adha

/ On : 8:37 AM

VOLCANO Module V2.8.4

SPD Android IMEI Change add new cpu supported
Adjust SPD 68206820/8810 read/write flash
MTK6592 add new flash support
Happy Eid  Don't Eat Too Much 

Keep in mind this is Module Update you have copy all files from this update into Yellow Stone Folder !! how to do it. Every thing is posted in support area or you may visit last update for more details VolcanoBox Ver 2.8.3 Volcano YellowStone & Volcano Module Released !!

Holiday Sessions: 
In Pakistan, China, India,& Rest of world have Some festivals.
Muslim brothers have Haj & Eid-Ul-Adha & Mostly Muslims will not do work so, Congrats to All Muslims are Happy EID. Just request Don't eat too much 
Hindu Brothers have Durga Pooja & Mostly Hindus will not do work so, Wish you happy Durga Pooja 
China have Chongyang, they also don't do work so let them Celebrate and Cut Cakes.
also Don't forget X-Mass is coming next month. 
8 oct mostly Team members will back on work so till that Enjoy your self 
Wish you Happy Life 

Important note:
Only Volcano Module exe will not able to run. You have to Extract/Copy Volcano Module update files into Volcano YellowStone folder to able to Work fine !! 

To Download VolcanoBox YellowStone 

To Download VolcanoBox Module 

To Download OLD Updates

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